My favourite YouTuber AKA My Role Model

It started last year when I was lost (not physically, but mentally and philosophically) and wanted to start afresh.

I do not know what I was looking for at that time. Probably, someone that would tell me that it is fine to be lost, who would not criticize me, but instead, guide me and direct me to get out of that neverending rut.

YouTube was a medium of watching music videos, trailers/movies, recipes, ‘How to’ videos, etc. for me until I came across an Indian YouTuber, then another and a few other foreign ones within a span of a month and got hooked. I got another reason to not go out of the house and looked forward to watching their new vlogs/videos so much so that I would not do my work. I did learn many things and I still do, including the much-used internet vocab like – haul, vlog, DIY and the mighty one YouTuber.

At that time, while I knew I had to do something about making a career in writing and was looking for a job, I was battling against the idea of blogging. I thought it was a waste and no one really reads it.

Well, time passed and I saw that a lot of people across the world were doing YouTube, i.e., creating useful and fun content, and had a large following, some having a million userbase. And I realized that it is a platform for people to have the freedom to create and express themselves and to produce without any limits. I loved it!

I still remember that I came across this person named Kalyn Nicholson,, during the first week of October 2016 and thanked my stars for answering my prayers for showing me a way back to life. Her videos have been really helpful at times I did not have a ray of sunshine.

WIKI: She is a 23-year-old Canadian, living on her own, in Toronto. She makes videos on fashion (clothing and makeup), motivation, health and fitness, travel and amazing DIY things.

Now the question of who my role model is has popped up in my life at many times. I had never really thought about it because it was a silly term to me that I never cared about. I would say any random name at the moment that I thought inspired me, just for the heck of it.

At times, I answered that my parents were my role models, which is true and they still are on top of my list. As a kid, Hannah Montana (Miley Cyrus) was my role model! 

And for a long time, I thought a Role Model was something that is used for ‘people you could only dream about becoming.’ For instance, If I say I want to be like ‘Warren Edward Buffett,’ I would probably not believe it myself and laugh it off. It is not like one can’t become the richest person in the world and be humble at the same time, but it seems like an effort people aren’t willing to put into their lives because they are too comfortable with how it is now.

Kalyn Nicholson comes on number 2 spot, right after my parents. Even though she is younger than me, I can relate to her much more than I have ever to any other person.

In fact, my inspiration for buying this website, among a few other people, is her. I was running behind doing what others were doing and never thought that I could actually pursue my passion for writing, on my own, without having to find a job to do it. I wouldn’t have taken it seriously enough if it were not for her.

Thank you, Kalyn Nicholson, for coming into my life and showing me the light to walk through this chaotic web that my mind had become.

For teaching me that I am not alone in this world who goes through spirals of craziness and self-doubt and that shit happens to everyone. To make me understand that by making small changes in my life, can I actually thrive towards making bigger ones. To make sure I create a list of things to look forward to in my life. And that I am not afraid to step out of my comfort zone to change and tweak things around me when they aren’t working for me. 

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  1. I am saying it’s okay to be lost at least you know that you were lost as most of us don’t know that we are lost and are living life (a experience) as a rust. The person knowingly or unknowingly helps you out is a hero and it’s good you found yours. I hope everyone has this kind of a page in dairy

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