Is This Called ‘Graduating’?

When you are done with your college, you are not only graduating in Academics but also in the experiences that you got during your college life.

These are the years that prepare you for the next big things in your life as you start handling your life on your own. You start to realise that the journey you undertook, of moving into the big city, of meeting new people, exploring unfamiliar things, and seeking different opportunities, is just a small part of a beautiful story that would unfold its purpose as you move on in life. Because it taught you that all things – big, small, good, bad, even the ugliest and the worst, matters. You start forming your own set of beliefs while understanding yourself and the world you live in a little better with these experiences, as you go ahead towards a new era. The end of college life did mark an end of an era. 

You learned how little things matter so much in life. Looking back and thinking about all the small things, like buying those expensive shoes or watch for the first time, donning a beautiful dress for that big occasion, or talking to your college crush makes you happy now. And the countless other events and memories that summarised your college days could probably be made into a book someday, right? Oh, and of course there were studies and exams.

Amidst all of this, what mattered the most was the people who came and became a part of your life, even if it was for a short period of time. There were those who were there for the accidental HIs and HELLOs, some people knew how to arrange things (jugaad), a few others came sporadically to laugh at you at your naive and absurd ways (you didn’t know it was naive then, but you do know it now), the ones who abandoned you during your sad and difficult phases, some who hit on you/flirt with you occasionally (duh, ‘cause you are hot!), and then the ones you tried to be friends with because of their coolness, hotness, brandness, etcetera.

Most of the above-mentioned people went away because they either lost interest in you, or they never had any interest in you. In the latter case, you eventually let go of them because you sort of grew up. And the remaining few who stayed with you till the end, who were with you through most of your ups and downs and know the stories and the reasons behind ‘why you are, who you are now’, were worth all of it, you know it now. You had your own share of dissent and fall outs with them too, but you stuck together anyway. These ones are probably just a room, a lane, a city, and if not any of these, then, are there just a text or a call away right now. The real ones.

Taking a pause? Thinking of calling them or meeting them?

Graduation is definitely a mix of so many feelings. You are happy because you are graduating and you are overwhelmed as you know that this time will never come back.

Yes, of course, the results are not yet out, but everyone hopes to pass.

To these 3 years, in case of engineering students 4 years, and those who have opted for integrated courses of 5 or more years (God bless them!), of ‘more experiences and less of studies’ and to the people ‘who are with you now and some of them you hope could be with you, if things were different’.

Is this called Graduating? Still, wonder? Everyone does.

This shall be deeply missed. (Sigh!)
Oh and it is very important to clear the exams, you actually get a degree ‘only’ for academics.

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