The Epiphany Of Restarting In Life

You wake up one day and decide that you are done being lazy, and instead want to start being responsible for your life. Where do you start?

Let’s rewind here and look at some of the events that led to this epiphany.

There are things you want to do, places you want to go to and skies you want to touch when you are young, but what the heck happens as you grow up that you stop dreaming?

As a child, you are given freedom to play with your ideas, to ask the silliest of questions and to fly away with your imagination. However, as you grow up, people around you, i.e., your parents and the society discourage this silliness and budge you to get “real” in life. They relentlessly preach you that getting degrees, a good job, a partner and kids is all that is important in life. Without all this, you would be seen as substandard to all those who have conquered these mountains.

And although you make fun of their ‘lectures’ in the beginning, you fall prey to their rules eventually.

One of the main reasons for this is seeking acceptance from others.

We all seek approval from people, who are near and dear to us or even the ones who are not. And to prove everyone that we are worthy of getting it, we end up doing all the things that we never wanted to do in the first place even if it means running the rat race.

This sort of validation cost us heavy. It cost us our big dreams and our wild limitless imagination. 

How long would you keep being this person who is running after the wrong things in life? You can’t keep everyone happy and if you try doing that, you would lose yourself. And you certainly can’t keep waiting for likes and encouraging replies on social media to get your dose of approval.

Remember that nobody’s validation matter, but your own.

Coming back to the crust of the matter, now that you know you want to start living on your own terms, despite the nudges, budges and all those disapproving and judging eyes, are you ready to restart?

Are you ready to dream big again, to confront your fears and doubts, and to fight your own fights? 

Are you ready to fall down countless times and get back up again?

No matter if you are still unsure, or don’t yet have a well carved out path, everyone feels this way when they are starting out, or rather all the time.

Chase after the right things in life, that matter to you, and that can move you and make you feel proud of yourself. And be persistent, this quality would empower you to get whatever you want.

Just start and keep moving. It will all be worth it in the end. 

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